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Great Install, Great Service, Great Product! (BMW M6)

by Turbo Guy at Citysearch



Had Charles from Systems Unlimited install a passport 9500ci custom install on my 2007 BMW M6 Conv and did a great Job. Unit works perfect, and the the diffusers are hidden nicely. you have to look for them knowing they are on the car to see them. Highly recommend Charles for his great work!

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2007 BMW M5 Radar

BMW M-series cars invite the kind of driving that can get expensive very quickly. We can add protection while leaving your car looking utterly stock.

This M5 is an example of our simple-but-effective, stealthy radar/laser solutions.

BMW M3 Convertible Audio System

A world-class audiophile sound system in a convertible is one very tall order indeed.

It is also exactly the sort of challenge that brings out the best in us.

We pulled out all the stops: going to Italy for exotic Hertz speakers featuring ribbon midranges that nestle right in the A-pillars, we buried a treasure-trove of exotic electronics in the bottom of the trunk, treated the doors to just the right amount of resonance-suppression, and while we were at it also snuck in some stealthy radar/laser protection. We’re really quite proud of this one.

BMW 335i 2012 Laser Interceptor Installation

This very serious BMW got equipped with equally-serious (and invisible) radar protection.