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Radar and Laser Detector Installation

Radar Controls

Radar Controls

Radar/Laser detectors continue to improve and add new features. The latest top-level units by Escort/Passport are GPS-enabled. They can “learn” the location of repeating false signals and can warn you of upcoming “speed trap areas” and camera-equipped traffic lights. Top-level units like the Passport 9500ci include laser “shifting” technology that “jams” laser guns directed at your vehicle.

The best units are completely undetectable to all radar detectors, so it is only fitting that your installation should also be completely undetectable to a prying eye. We take great pride in the quality of our “stealth” installations, and can meld them into the existing interior of your car. Only you (and your clued-in passengers) will know it is there.

Take a look at some of our careful custom installations, then call us at (425) 649-9880 for an appointment.

Some of our radar-laser projects.